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Specials are dances sponsored by an individual or outside group not directly associated with the host group or event competitions.


Specials are held in someone’s honor, or to honor the memory of loved who has passed. 


Dancers look forward to the specials that take place at a powwow for a variety of reasons; often, they are what draw a dancer to a specific powwow. Some specials include a competition element to them, while some do not.



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Powwow + Cultural Arts Event
December 15-17, 2017 • W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds










sioux empire wacipi












:: Added Specials ::

Tiny Tots  Special 


SNL Wicaglata Contest

In Honor Of Taylor-Lynn Amowi-Piyesis Dearly

"Initiation Into the Dance Circle & Wicaglata Olowan"

18+ Womens Jingle Memorial

for Teashieva Slowman

By the Paskemin Family